Jamaica for IMO Council | Regional Interest
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Regional Interest


Jamaica is a growing seafarer supply nation and the Government of Jamaica through the Caribbean Maritime Institute (CMI) in Kingston continues to promote seafaring as a viable career to Jamaican, other Caribbean and foreign nationals. The Government has also been engaged in the expansion and upgrading of the facilities at the CMI to support the increased output of seafarers and has strengthened agreements with ship owners to partner with the CMI for increasing the training opportunities of seafarers for the international market. Jamaica is the primary source of tertiary maritime training for Caribbean nationals. The Caribbean Maritime Institute (CMI), located in Kingston, Jamaica, is the only IMOrecognized maritime education and training provider in the English-speaking Caribbean for the training of officers.

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National Task Force set up under GloBallast

The biggest task facing Jamaica, one of five Lead Partnering Countries in the Wider Caribbean Region was to interpret and translate the Convention so that it could be successfully implemented in the Jamaican legal framework. “The Convention is unique as it not only involves the maritime administrations and shipowners but calls for involvement from a large number of other local agencies,” explains Bertrand Smith, Director Legal Affairs, Maritime Authority of Jamaica, who was the national project coordinator. “A major achievement of GloBallast was the way it helped us to bring together and unite all the relevant stakeholders, including the public health department,
environmental agencies, and academic institutions.” 


Jamaica has accepted the request from the Technical Cooperation Division of the IMO to provide technical assistance to countries in the region, in order to enable them, inter alia, to meet their obligations under the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW). Last April, 2015, Jamaica hosted the inaugural regional Women in Maritime Association (WIMA) Conference. During this meeting, the Deputy Director General of the Maritime Authority of Jamaica, was elected as President of the newly-formed Women in Maritime Association in the Caribbean (WIMAC) and was re-elected as President at the Association’s Annual Conference held in Grand Cayman, in 2016.


Jamaica is the host country of the Secretariat of the CMOU, located at the Maritime Authority of Jamaica and has collaborated with its Caribbean neighbours through the Caribbean Memorandum of Understanding on Port State Control (CMOU), to eliminate sub-standard shipping in the region through an active ship inspection programme and participation in the programmes initiated under the CMOU.


Jamaica is host and headquarters for the Seabed Authority. The authority was established to organize, regulate and control all mineral-related activities in the international seabed area beyond the limits of national jurisdiction, an area underlying most of the world’s oceans and is an organization established by the law of the Sea Convention.